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    CoCoRiCo Sound Project

    CoCoRiCo Sound Project

    The rooster singing has so many name around the world.
    Cocorico in my home land (France), Cock-a-doodle-doo in English, kikeriki in Germany, quiquiriqui in Spanish...
    Does the rooser really sing different according to his nationality?
    Cocorico Sound is a collaborative project putting together on a map rooster sound from all over the world, using freesound platform.

    Anyone can add his rooster scream, with the 'translation' in the language of the place of the recording. The project as all the sounds are all in creative contents attribution non-commercial.
    You can share the map trough the freesound share option in html or with the internet link
    You can send the sounds by email to and I will upload them to the map (never more than 1 sound a day). Each sound must only be the rooster crowing (around 2 or 3 seconds in most of the case).
    The sound can already be on freesound, I will notify the original sound by the "remix" function on freesound and a link to the sound on freesound or to the personal website of the sound engineer.

    You can upload the sound yourself if you prefer, with the cocoricosound and the same specification as the other sound (name, description, duration...).

    For each sound, the name will only be the crowing of the rooster in the language of the recording place. Description of the sound will give the name of the sound engineer, the place (country and region or state) and the language. More technical information can be added as: microphone used, recorder, mixer, format (bit, frequencies).

    Rooster picture from Muhammad Mahdi Karim.

    Please contact me for more informations, ideas or remarks!

    Félix Blume

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