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    SNES VS Sega Mega Drive - Turrican Soundtrack Battle (Video)

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    Woah, the problem is: I got LOTS of those cool Samples you guys contribute on this Platform. So for example: I got those sword-samples on my HD a couple of Years ago - But nowadays I just can`t remember who made it. sad sad And, yeah, I renamed all these Samples in my native language (german). So it`s kinda hard to give any credits in a specific Video.

    So let me just thank all of you for your great work on freesound. I just don`t remember who made those "Sword Samples" that I downloaded 2 Years ago - but for sure I know what I was downloading only a couple of Hours/days ago (and can give the Producer some credit in the description).smile
    cheers, S.Kreuz

    btw: more Videogame-related Samples (or funny Voiceacting) would be cool ^^

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    It looks like you only got 31 sounds total, so it won't take too long to rebuild a proper crediting list for the sounds requiring attribution (I see some are CC0, so no requirements for those)

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