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    Sliver Me Timbres

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. First off, I just want to give my appreciation for the invaluable resource that is freesound. I have yet to be disappointed with the selection offered here.

    I'm a musician and love to create an atmospheric narrative with real world sounds that immerse the listener into story mode.

    Here is an example of my work with a few awesome freesound files.

    Thanks for listening and for helping me with my passion!

    Special thanks to the following:
    (HTML is not working right)
    S: Big Singing Bowl.wav by Garuda1982
    S: singingbowl1.wav by Coleco
    S: bowl_struck.wav by suburban grilla
    S: u_chimes3.mp3 by BristolStories
    S: healing bells.WAV by klankbeeld
    S: portamento2.wav by ricemutt
    S: hihi-vibrato.wav by ricemutt
    S: portamento.wav by ricemutt
    S: hihihivibrato.wav by ricemutt
    S: NEW.wav by crazyguywithcomputer
    S: 20051106.poplar.wind.wav by dobroide
    S: StormInOregonRainforest.wav by daveincamas
    S: rbh thunder storm.wav by RHumphries
    S: babycry01.wav by pfly
    S: Running Up The Stairs.wav by RutgerMuller
    S: running.wav by sagetyrtle
    S: running hard surface.wav by bevangoldswain
    S: anguish.wav by ERH
    S: concrete_step_1.wav by movingplaid
    S: STAIRWELL STEPS.wav by Kyle1Katarn
    S: Hello 01.wav by Kyster
    S: footsteps leaves.aif by jeseid77
    S: running gravel or dry leaves loop.wav by bevangoldswain
    S: Knock on door.mp3 by payattention
    S: Feu .wav by Slanesh

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    Thanks for the posting, appreciate it...
    However, I also have to note that you need to credit the separate sources in your song, not just "thanks to freesound".
    Check this page, it will help you:

    - bram

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    Will get on that tonight. I wasn't exactly sure of the protocol. Thanks.

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