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    A Freesound Moodle

    Dear friends here at freesound:

    I frequently use freesound samples when I do remixes at

    Today I did a "musical doodle" called a "Moodle", which uses dozens of freesound samples, with attribution,
    to create what I hope is an amusing and fun musical excursion.

    "Moodle" is located here:

    "Moodle" is inspired by the "video doodles" of Danish artist Sam Renseiw, whose video explorations of the
    everday from a fresh perspective may be found at:

    They're small films worth viewing for something new.

    I hope that folks enjoy my own "Moodle". I'm always grateful to freesound for the huge help it has been in my musical endeaors.


    who records as gurdonark

    Robert who records as gurdonark
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    All fascinating. I was transfixed by the videos regarding "the circle", some sort of strange cultish ritual.

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