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    new electronic live themes

    hey, hallo everybody !!

    I've made some remixes using some freesounds (only 4), but they are freesounds, in a last term, i've had some problems with an admin on ccMixter because I've used the same snaredrum on all them, but I like to produce the main part of my sounds and I hadn't more freesounds to remix there... my mind (or even my time to download new samples) is very limited or something...

    well... this was just a stupidness... if u are interested, u can download them here:

    the (short) list of the freesounds used is this one:

    MATTEL SD4.wav by: TwistedLemon
    MATTEL BD3.wav by: TwistedLemon
    rbh 126bpm tabla 08.wav by: RHumphries
    Obachan.mp3 by: Capuchin

    thanks a lot by your visits and your support...

    c'ya on the net...

    Kinhos! (aka PerlssDj)

    __ Marcos Martí MarcosMarti.Org
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    Cool stuff...

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