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    Kids VS Goblins (iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC)

    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)
    ONLY FOR iPad 2 + 3 and OS X (can't edit the title)

    I want to thank the community for making it possible for me to do the sound design for Kids VS Goblins.
    The iPad 2 version is pending approval at Apple right now. When it's available you can buy it for 99 dollar cents/ 79 euro cents in the first week.

    Some time after that the other platforms will follow...


    I used the following sounds. Took quite a lot of work, cropping, eqing, layering, pitching, effects...

    Used sounds and licenses (all CC-BY-NC samples are used with requested permission):

    CC-S+ a-e Inception-1.wav
    CC-BY-NC acclivity ClockWinding.wav
    CC-BY-NC acclivity HorseGoingBy.wav
    CC-0 alienistcog squeaking-floor-varied.AIF
    CC-S+ alvarojmarquez flesh-rip.mp3
    CC-S+ alexrigg Ice_Cracking.mp3
    CC-BY Benboncan Anvil & Steel Hammer.wav
    CC-BY Benboncan Large Anvil & Steel Hammer 4.wav
    CC-BY Benboncan Wood On Rollers.wav
    CC-BY Benboncan Rockfall in mine.wav
    CC-BY CGEffex Trex roar.wav
    CC-BY-NC club sound Melt down 1.wav
    CC-BY Corsica_S always.wav
    CC-BY confusion_music Pig 7 (B).wav
    CC-BY DJ Chronos chimes.wav
    CC-BY DJ Chronos Force Field Low End.wav
    CC-S+ Dynamicell fire_embers_large_campfire.aif
    CC-BY dobroide 20070121.whispering.01.wav
    CC-S+ EcoDTR bonesallinone.wav
    CC-BY Erdie bow01.wav
    CC-BY Erdie bow02.wav
    CC-BY Erdie mega-thunder.wav
    CC-BY Erdie sword01.wav
    CC-BY Erdie sword04.wav
    CC-BY Erdie wooden01.wav
    CC-BY Erdie wooden03.wav
    CC-S+ eartrumpet bees.mp3
    CC-BY FreqMan concrete block hit 5x.wav
    CC-BY FreqMan smash on head with fire extinquisher.wav
    CC-BY Herbert Boland CrackingDryWood.wav
    CC-0 hans earthquakes.wav
    CC-BY kijjaz running water bubbles-02.aif
    CC-S+ izkhanilov Ticking Clock.wav
    CC-BY jenc boomklir.wav
    CC-S+ joedeshon alarm_clock_ringing_01.wav
    CC-BY JoelAudio SFX_ATTACK_SWORD_001.wav
    CC-BY-NC kabit eagle.wav
    CC-BY klankbeeld depositing metal tool on wooden bench 01.wav
    CC-0 klangfabrik doorclosemcu01.wav
    CC-BY Koops Sawing_02.wav
    CC-S+ kjackson Open_03.WAV
    CC-BY Leady insane laughter man reverb.wav
    CC-0 lollosound ZAPPA FANGO.WAV
    CC-S+ ljudman grenade.wav
    CC-S+ harri hhh1.mp3
    CC-0 makemebad face punch.aif
    CC-S+ man canon.aif
    CC-0 martypinso DMP068002 RAINSTICK SHORT.wav
    CC-0 mrjingles twig snap.wav
    CC-0 martian classic double swwosh.wav
    CC-0 oldedgar Male Being Impaled/Beaten AC.wav
    CC-BY pscsound Indy Rocks Falling Cue 4 Ve.wav
    CC-BY PhreaKsAccount compactor2.ogg
    CC-0 pyr0x growl.wav
    CC-0 qubodup rubber_hammer_on_metal_on_metal_on_wood.flac
    CC-0 qubodup swosh-26.flac
    CC-BY reinsamba waterfall.wav
    CC-BY-NC robinhood76 00767 baby laugh 2.wav
    CC-BY-NC robinhood76 01153 great wings in motion.wav
    CC-BY-NC robinhood76 01561 ghost scream.wav
    CC-S+ RunnerPack weapGone.wav
    CC-BY sandyrb USAT BOMB.wav
    CC-BY sinatra314 turkeygobble1.wav
    CC-S+ smallsushi breathehope - paper - 07.wav
    CC-BY smidoid cracking.wav
    CC-0 snowflakes whip03.wav
    CC-BY-NC Syna-Max punches-and-slaps.wav
    CC-BY-NC Syna-Max fireworks_twirl.wav
    CC-BY-NC Syna-Max fireworks_triangle.wav
    CC-0 toiletrolltube crystal 03.wav
    CC-0 toiletrolltube 110929_01 rubbish.WAV
    CC-BY themfish bamf.wav
    CC-S+ ubecareful growl1.wav
    CC-BY Wolfsinger 20 sec of zombies.wav
    CC-BY Wolfsinger weirdbreath.wav
    CC-BY zimbot Portal2.wav

    (sorry, I put this in a nice table but the < code > tag isn't helping...)

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    630 sounds
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    "Kids vs Goblins will launch on iPad2 & iPhone 4s on March 8th!"

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    630 sounds
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    out now smile [ ONLY for iPhone 4S and iPad2 ! ]

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    Hey that looks very impressive! Nice work! (now if I only had an iPad...)

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    thanks! i don't have an iPad 2 either sad

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    Awesome! Well done, can't wait to hear it.

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    630 sounds
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    available for OS X too now, on the Mac App Store:

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    Wonderful work...

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    630 sounds
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    Thanks smile

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