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    Freesound Music with 113 Freesounders


    Once again I enjoyed to mix Freesounds into something that sounds a bit crazy - but I hope you will like it anyway.

    12 pieces, called "RECITAL - Preludes and Sonetts", all of them published in YouTube. For getting some explanation and the YouTube links, just open my SoundBlog at
    and follow the thread down.

    But there is more to it!

    Once you open YouTube and you search for your Freesound username plus entering the word "FreesoundMusic", you can find ALL videos where I - or my students - used your sounds! (Isn't this a nice way of attribution? It just needs to add your username to the YouTube tags.)

    When you enter "REC" to the search terms, for example, "833-45 FreesoundMusic REC", you will get all videos belonging to the RECITAL cycle.

    Hope you will like it (let me know wink!

    I'm not sure that my attribution capture algorithm works 100%, but for those who are captured, here is the list (for the rest, let me know!):

    "Ironi Alef", "Pullover aus Milch", 833-45, aarondbaron, AaronGNP, acclivity, adamskitek, aikighost, Andrew Duke, Anton, ashassin, awfulTHEsample, b0bd0bbs, batchku, benjaminflack, Bliss, Brotherprovisional, cajo, chris m, Cleetus, Connum, Corsica_S, CosmicD, CyberiaLainKittyKat, d.garro, daveincamas, decembered, DJ Chronos, dobroide, Donalfonso, dropthedyle, Elektrocell, elmomo, Erdie, ERH, Erratic, ErrorCell, FannyLH, feveran, Flick3r, fonogeno, Freed, freesound home, FreqMan,, gazaa87, grandpablaine2, Guitarz1970, h.quinius, hammerklavier, hanstimm, hello_flowers, HerbertBoland, hyo, Incarnadine, inchadney, Intimidated, Ironi Alef, jesges, jjrebollo, jobro, Jovica, juggler214, juju_beats, Koen, krlox, krwoox, lancelottjones, Leady, LG, LincolnLog, lockingdread, LS, maarten_wez, man, mattbronka, Matvey, meowtek, micndom, milo, modesitt, M-RED, nicStage, NoiseCollector, Notofficial, patchen, plagasul, popcorn, progic35, pryght one, reinsamba, Rhedcerulean, Rodcencko, Ronny Pries, room, sandyrb, Sascha Burghard, serkantemiz, SheeEttin, sherlock, sstokes, stantones, suonho, tc630, THE_bizniss, tyrant, UncleSigmund, van B, virotic, Voktebef, walkerbelm, yewbic, -zin-, zuben

    All of you, a BIG THANK YOU for this incredible sound meeting.


    Freed +++ when sounds meet - just as poeple +++
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    huh..thx for the info..i´ll check in..bigUP´s for your project..

    samplease - sampleasure - samplicity
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    my goodness, i watched this RECITAL project and i loved it.
    Great idea and great stuff.

    regards Lockingdread

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