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    Just a comment on CC art using Freesounds

    Hi to all,

    Ever since I started contributing to Freesound, many friends (and a couple journalists) have asked to me 'hey, but what do you get in return? you must be crazy!' Honest, to me it's not easy to give an understandable answer. Most often I mummble something like: 'I'm quite freak as regard sounds... love the idea of leaving a trace of sound behind... recording provides some relief to melancholy... That stuff.

    But there is another reason that (regrettably) I often forget to mention: I love to see what artistic people can do with the sounds I uploaded. Well, you know, sometimes I like the result, other times I don't. There is every kind of people out there, many types of aesthetics, a bunch of approaches to CC creation. Well, tastes are strictly personal... so I don't complain when results do not meet my preferences, definitely I don't!

    And yet, every now and then I find real jewels, absolutely beautiful pieces. Something I recorded, no matter how small and insignificant, was included there? Boy, I'm so PROUD! To give just an example, today I discovered this wonder at CCMixter:
    In the last few years there have been quite a few cases of marvels like this one. And every time I find one... it makes my day.

    I must apologise because I rarely have time on my hands to answer with detailed, in-depth comments to people getting in touch to let me know they used some of my samples here. For the sake of courtesy I try to acknowledge and, at least, thank users for their interest. Today, I wanted to write a bit longer, and send a big collective THANK YOU. You guys make my day, many times


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