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    A Simple Thanks + Shameless Advertising

    First and foremost, I want to thank the following users of this website. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you put into making sound effects and for letting others use them.

    Crosbychris, Connum, MaxWiley, IFartInUrGeneralDirection, Reinsamba, Dobroide, Tigersound, RHumphries, Jakeharries, Silencyo, Pkorac, Lorenzosu, Priestjd, Inchadney, Stamvas, Pete668, Aguasonic, Alexbird, Juskiddink, Bullockjs, Sagetyrtle, Akacie, Gregswinford, Abyssmal, Knufds, Daveincamas, Spandau, Gorgoroth6669, Acclivity, Robertjd, Eric5335, Robinhood76, Falconbeard

    I have used your sound effects in every CD I've made so far, so again, I appreciate all the time you spent in putting together your sound effects.
    If anyone wishes to hear their sound effects put to use, visit the link(s) below. or

    Again, thank you so much and if you listen to the music, I hope you enjoy it!

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