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    Hola. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to simulate an old creaky swinging light fitting.

    I've got a scene with the light in, however the light doesn't actually make any noise when it moves. It'd be nice to add some ambience.

    Failing that, anyone know of any sounds that might be similar on freesound?

    I tried searching for "swing" and "swinging" but to no avail.

    The rough pace would be a creak just about every second, but obviously it'll all come down to editing - so pace could be slightly faster.

    Your help (As always) is appreciated!

    Regards, Dan

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    hhm i got no idea of what your talking about. COuld you give an example, (film or picture?)

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    i had a quick search under "creak" there were a few there that maybe you could edit/manipulate to get the desired sound?

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