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    help! (need 2 men's spoken voices for recording)

    I really need someones help...
    I am in the studio this week and
    I need 2 men's voices stating something creepy yet climactic.

    *the original concept was a Disney movie "something wicked this way comes" book by: RAY BRADBURY
    - the line was spoken by villian MR DARK ( Jonathan Pryce) (( who has a beautiful thick english accent)) and Jason Robards.
    the spoken battle of good vs eviL.

    dialogue :

    (Dark) Pryce:
    "Tasteless fare,funerals,bad marriges lost loves, loney beds, that is our is our diet"

    "The wrong will fail the right prevail"

    Pryce: "YOUR LOST!"

    any help you can give is appreciated- ( this is all new to me)
    suggestions or replys
    write to:

    oh sound quality isn't a big deal--- -even over the phonesmile we can mix them with some of the plug ins we have.

    feel free to
    leave recorded messages at:

    thanks again-

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    You can try using a text-to-speech generator... they can turn out creepy if you use some plugins. I've done it before... turned out pretty good, too.


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    I've put on my best posh English voices and emailed some samples to Gwen.
    I would put them on FS too, but there might be a copyright problem.


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    sooo sweet and what a great voices ( mike your is outstanding!! )

    thanks again I will keep you posted.

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