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    Death by screwdriver

    Yeah. Its an odd one, i'm working on a film project (the usual indie-director-fare: a zombie flick)

    Anyway, one girl manages to whack a screwdriver (quite intentionally) into another girl's eye.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of.. uh.. well, a sound that'd be fairly similar to that.

    Cheers in advance!

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    unfortunately I dont' have much direct experience with zombies, but in my opinion that would make no sound at all (besides a groan from the eye's owner) since a real eyeball is quite soft in sheep, cow, and presumably most other mammals.

    Perhaps if you check comic stories you may find a sound 'code' as those used by graphic artists to represent sound with letters (schloprf ?). Then translate the code into a real world sound, just be imaginative :wink:

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    Fruits and vegetables can get you almost any kind of body damage sounds you need. Melons are good for stabbing. They also make a nice "cracking" sound when you pull one apart. Brains, anyone? Coconut hulls are great for skull impact/crushing elements. Several stalks of fresh celery snapped at once will give you a nice bone break, and peeling the strings off of the outside makes a good skin peeling effect. For a blood dribble, or to add general juiciness to anything, wet a rag almost to the point of dripping, then give it a good quick squeeze. A head of cabbage or lettuce will give you all kinds of sounds. Stab it, rip it open, take a long chunk and twist it, etc. Just make sure all of your produce is fresh and cold. Hmmm.. maybe try freezing it first! Just experiment, have fun, make a mess. The wife will think you've gone over the edge, so make her a nice salad when you're done. Let me know how it turns out.

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