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    Bending Steel?? Prison Bars???

    wooo, first post, and what a great site! will definately be submitting some sounds in the future, but first.... uni desperation question!! i need the sound of bending steel... has anyone any idea how to create this? was thinking maybe messing withthe sound of a train braking? any help would be appreciated.

    cheers dudes

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    If you have a ceramic or porcelain coated metal bathtub, try wetting your finger(s) and pushing firmly down and forward. Try this on different sections of the tub, varying speed, pressure, etc. I've used this to augment "traditional" metal ship creaks and groans. A contact mic might be interesting as well.


    Shut up, and listen...
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    great tip weebrian!

    more of these ! more of these !


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    I haven't posted here in a while! You need rusty screechy metal sounds, think about old doors, giant fans, anything crappy and old might screech. Go to a playground and check for things like swings that make a lot of noise and other huge toys. Try to find an old unsafe playground cause nowadays they're moving over to plastics.

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