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    Sounds for game currently in dev

    Hello list
    I am in need of a person to record a number of sounds for
    inclusion in a game.

    The games i code are aimed at the blind / vi community and as such sound is very
    importan as it fills in the gap where visuals are normally used to add meaning to
    a game.

    Most of the sounds i will need for this project are
    cooking based.
    for example
    frying egggs on a hot plate
    moving fried food around on a hot plate.
    sounds of other cooking utensils and gadgets will also be needed.

    Payments will be discussed and will be based on sales of the app

    Anyone preferably UK so that language and time zones do not become a problem.


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    Hi Yeehawskippy !

    Maybe try this :

    And please don’t hesitate to update us about your game, as some users (like me) are blind here !

    Wishing you all the best !


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    Thanks for the link Kevin.

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    Happy to put some sounds together -- do you have a complete list of all the sounds you need for the project?

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    I have a number of sounds (which I have released to Public Domain) which might work for this.

    "frying egggs on a hot plate" - may work, although they'd need to be frying quite a few eggs (or frying them in a lot of butter/oil) for there to be this much sizzle. You might also have to overlay some hissing type noises to extract the maximum realism from this one, or else use it when the fryer appliance is some distance away from the player.

    "moving fried food around on a hot plate" - you mean pushing/scraping it around with a spatula so it doesn't burn, serving it onto a plate, etc?

    "sounds of other cooking utensils and gadgets will also be needed"
    My pack "Tools, Weapons, & Household Objects" has a lot of metal clanging and scraping sounds which may be useful.

    These sounds are all free to use! Hope they're helpful.

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