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    Do you need a sound designer for a game? Offering help...


    Are you working on a demo or a showreel? Do you have a shorter game that you would like some help with? Can you not pay? No worry!

    I have a couple months off during the summer and I am offering my help, for free. I have never sound designed a game, but I am an avid gamer and would like to transition eventually to sound designing video games.

    Only thing I ask in return is to be credited in your work, and to have "a copy" of your game. This so I can also point to something in the future to showcase some of my work.

    If you got interested in working together, please leave a reply or send me a private message. I am available June to about mid August.

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    I make small little unity (WebGL) games. If interested I can message you around June.

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    I'm interested in your services. Would you be able to make a short 5-10 second loop; possibly similar to "Kahoot" music?

    Thank you

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