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    Female voice for Short narration

    Hello! Hope everybody's well,

    I'm hoping to look for a female narrator with a soft voice for a mod that I had made for a game. The mod is for Ys Origin, while the original voice was in French, I would want to request for an English narration of its prologue. The prologue in question is no longer than 3 minutes, but the texts that are in need of narration are staggered so it should be relatively shorter.

    The project:

    The prologue:

    "Ys" pronunciation:

    The script:
    Once upon a time,
    lost within the tides of history,
    there existed a land of great legend.

    It was called "Ys".

    It was a paradise,
    granted unimaginable glory and prosperity
    under the auspices of its twin Goddesses
    and its six great Priests.

    Therein, the pride of the Goddesses
    was an object known as the "Black Pearl,"
    through which all the people of the land
    received innumerable blessings.

    Among these blessings was the power of "magic",
    which allowed the enacting of miracles.
    And this power was often augmented
    by a silver metal called "Cleria".

    With the glory of these miracles at their disposal,
    the people of Ys believed their radiant prosperity
    would shine on forever.

    Then one day, disaster struck.

    Without warning, hordes of demons appeared.
    Ys was under attack.

    In the blink of an eye,
    the demons had completely overrun the land.
    The people were driven to seek shelter in Solomon Shrine,
    where the Goddesses dwelled.

    Though many feared these the end of times,
    the Goddesses and the Six Priests
    were able to use the power of the Black Pearl
    to raise Solomon Shrine into the heavens,
    away from the chaos.

    It took little time for the demons to react, however.
    A great tower was erected and winged
    creatures came soaring through the sky.
    The crisis that wrought havoc upon the land
    had begun ascending for a second round in the air.

    And amidst this hellish turmoil
    came a startling discovery that would
    rock the very foundation of Ys.

    The twin Goddesses,
    who had always served as cornerstones of
    order, were nowhere to be found.

    With the situation looking grim,
    the Six Priests decided to take
    matters into their own hands.

    Choosing from amongst the best of the best,
    a search party of knights and sorcerers was formed.

    These elite were dispatched back down to the surface
    in hopes of finding the missing deities before all was lost...

    It would be of great help to the project and community if someone could lend their voice to the project. Thank you so much!

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    Hi there, I'm no pro but would love to give this a go as I've been very interested in voice acting for a while now. I've recorded you a sample to see if I'd be suitable and would be more than happy to proceed with the full script and higher quality recording if you like it. How/where do I send it through please if you are still looking?
    Thank you, MC

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    So, er, I'd already recorded a copy of this before seeing thefrisbeechick's reply.

    Two cakes?

    Anyway, there's a link here:

    No worries if you want to go with the first offer.


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