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    Intro and outro on my new podcast

    Hi all!

    I am making a podcast with the leader of the norwegian member organisation AAP-aksjonen. We are talking about the fact that sick people in Norway loose all funds from the government if the health system did not evaluate the patioent either for work or disability - with in 3 years. (new rules here) So if you get your application for disability pention declined, after as much as 7 to 12 years in the system - you have to wait 52 weeks before you and your treatment team, doctors and specialists can apply again.

    Sick people that are not yet done being evaluated have since november 2019 - not gotten a penny in disability funds - and many familys are runied finacially. People have also chosen to end ther one lives because of this new rules that tells you that if you are not done (dude to long waiting-lines at the specialists clinics or the fact that you might have ME or cancer and a a stay at a training center might not work at all and in fact makes you wors)

    The podcast will be sent on my radioshow - but I am planning on publishing it on to podcastplatforms also.

    I need some kind of intro and outro tune that I can use and also for the promo. Maybe something that are maybe from 30 seconds to 1,5 minute som that I vould use different short parts before, during and after the episode.

    The topic is serious and I want to get proples attention - and also be able to fade the sound of the tune in and out for different areas of the podcast.

    If I use your creation I will ofcourse give mentions and tag you in social media if wantet and also I will send you the link to the finished podcast when I publish it. The actual podcast is in norwegian language.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Have a nice weekend and take care!

    /Line Bliksås
    Lines Lune Landing/ radiOrakel FM 99,3, Oslo, Norway

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    I have a news-like intro here, seamlessly loopable:

    But the original full length one might better fit your needs (almost 2 minutes long), as it has a quieter tail meant to be talked over; you can find it at OpenGameArt:

    As for fading out the music when the speaker talks, it can be done easily in Audacity with the Auto Duck function under the Effects menu.

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    Hi and thank you! I downloaded the files and will check it out.

    I have Audacity on my computer so I can use that for fading yes smile Thanks and I will let you know if I use it smile Ha a good evening!

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    You're welcome!
    A good evening to you too smile

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    I am personally a huge fan of public domain, and I have found a great song that I think may grab people's attention quite well. I have edited a few little intro-like segments.

    I have uploaded them, along with the original unedited track on to a google drive folder, for quick and easy access:

    The song used it public domain, and so are any of my edits.

    Original song is called Adventures of Flying Jack by Alexander Nakarada, which you can find on
    ( is an amazing source of free public domain songs)

    I'd absolutely love to listen in to the podcast when finished.

    Have a great evening.

    Public Domain (CC0) means in essence that there is no copyrights to the work, and therefore no attributes or credits are required. It is 100% free to use for any commercial or non-commercial projects. Read more here.

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    Hi! Thanks for the tips and also the files you offered. I will keep all of them and let you know if I use them at the radio for audio production.

    For my podcast this time I chose to use a lovely jazzy intro from one of the users here.

    Also thanks for all the tips - I think you have a great community here, very helpful, so I will probably ask again if I need some audio/ music etc. for a production at my radio station.

    And all you people out there; If you have any kind of music or sound scapes that can be played at night during the week - just let me know and I will up-load to our server.

    It can be like a long mix or like chill out sounds for sleep or classical music, what ever that you think people would like to listen to. It can be dark and scary also or all kinds of tunes, mixes that you made and wnat to show off to our norwegian listeners. We like special generas that is not main stream but we would be happy to show your creations if you ore someone you know have some good stuff you want to test on us norwegians at night!

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards, Line, radiOrakel
    Oslo, Norway

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    Maybe you can use this vox clip and mix it with the music part:

    Best regards

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