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    Looking for a high quality recording of the humming sounds coming from the Golden Gate bridge.

    Anyone in the Bay Area? The Golden Gate Bridge has been producing a haunting humming sound. This sound started being heard afte renovations to the bridge were to to reduce wind resistance. The sounds can be heard from miles away (some of the videos i've seen have been taken from ten miles away). I think the sound is absolutely beautiful and I would love to get a high quality field recording of it.

    Here is a video featuring the sounds, but of course youtube audio quality isn't great and the recordings were likely made with a phone.

    A proper field recording made with a good microphone with a wind screen would be incredible. Even a long and uninterrupted recording made with a phone would be appreciated as long as it it was a lossless audio file. I've searched around the internet for a high quality recording but I can only find videos from youtube/twitter.

    I'm going to keep searching for a good recording and will post it here if anyone is interested.

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