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    Tentative Newbie Seeking Voice Over Help: Record YOURs or Edit Mine

    Hi - WANTED: Help with editing Voice Overs OR Recording VOs yourself. Please read below for details

    I'm not only a newbie here but a newbie audio editing. So please be kind, I know not whether I'm falling foul of any rules or expected behaviour

    Bit about me. 53 year old Brit, trying to be an Internet Marketer. Too many redundancies, too much poor health to go back to previous career.

    Anyhow, current project is a project, we call it The Mojo project, which is targeting men over 40 with health issues. E-mail marketing, two websites, social media and newsletter.

    By the way, this all launced only on May 10th so early doors yet. And I'm being coached by a big, successful marketer.

    as yet, it makes the square root of zilch. Not a penny earned.

    Anyhoo, I have the big idea of using video in various ways from delivering content, driving traffic (YouTube, FB ads etc) and in blog posts. I can create the videos, the scripts and all that no problem.

    The issue is the VO. I have tried Amazon and Googles text to speech engines. The results are OK but lack the flexibility to fit videos exactly.

    I can record my own voice but am 1) pretty shaky on Audacity. 2) have a thick, glottal stop London / Estuary English accent. There are YouTube videos if you want to hear it.

    Ideally, I'd love someone speaking clear English (US, UK, Can or Scandinavian accents) to read these short scripts, do whatever they wanted with it, and send them over to be added to videos.

    Professional VO people cost ludicrous money and even if I were making 5 figures a month I wouldn't
    want to pay their fees.

    Any takers or even advice?

    Anyone wanting to discuss this, I am happy to chat all about it. Lots of videos planned, average duration 5 mins, plenty much less.

    As I say, I'm new here so apologies in advance for any transgressions in your community



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