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    female voice request, american over 50

    Hi looking for a female American voice older.
    the script is for an indy game...will be credited.
    character is calm but annoyed

    I've searched for so long, now I've found you I am so disappointed.
    I was hoping to find someone who had followed the same path as me.
    But you, you follow a path that leads only to self-gratification.
    The organization you work for feeds your greed and controls your free will, you follow their orders blindly and without question.
    I see everything yet you are blind.
    Blind to the misery and suffering you cause.
    I have tried to show you the error of your ways, but you have continued along the wrong path.
    you are such a disappointment.
    I will end the organization you work for.
    I will kill every custodian that gets in my way.
    And now, sadly I must kill you.
    Time to die.

    Feel free to change words or grammar to get a more natural read if you like.

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