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    From which game?

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    I have all of the unit voice files from Command & Conquer: Red Alert in my collection of game sounds. I've uploaded them for you here: (2.5MB)

    Unfortunately I've forgotten where they cam from so can't credit the person who extracted them in the first place.

    That zip has 68 samples in it, from the Soviet and Allied side. For searchability, the voices say:

    • "As you wish" (x2 Allied, x1 Soviet)

    • "Of course" (x2, x1 Soviet)

    • "Agreed" (x2 Allied, x1 Soviet)

    • "At once" (x2 Allied, x2 Soviet)

    • "Acknowledged" (x4 Allied, x4 Soviet)

    • "Affirmative" (x4 Allied, x2 Soviet)

    • "Yes Sir?" (x4 Allied, x3 Soviet)

    • "Awaiting orders" (x4 Allied, x3 Soviet)

    • "Reporting" (x4 Allied, x3 Soviet)

    • "Very well" (x2 Allied, x1 Soviet)

    • "Ready and waiting" (x2 Allied, x1 Soviet)

    • "Vehicle reporting" (x2 Allied, x1 Soviet)

    • "Comrade?" (x1 Soviet)

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