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    Exploring without moving

    Hi there !

    I'm a Switzerland based visual artist. And as for the most of the humankind, I have to stay home during this corona-time. I'm not sure if my message is posted in the right place, or that it could affects many of you. But I start anyway.

    My artistic practice is based on the exploration through modern and virtual tools to discover distant territories, distant people, distant stories and actuality. I'm interested in this small space between reality and fiction. And how our new technologies make us think that we can have a precise knowledge of everything and everywhere.

    This period seems to be more favorable than ever to develop my approach and my questions. I'm forced to travel without moving. I've always had the idea to plan a virtual trip to collect sounds from distant places. Places where I've never been. The best would have been to explore the polar circle, but I think there aren't enough people to help me for that. So I want to try something.

    My request is :

    1. Could you record a environnement/ outdoor sound around your house and send it to me ?

    ---> Even better if you want next explain what you see around. (by a text or recording your voice)

    I would be so happy to collect many sounds and be able to make a long virtual trip through your contributions. Thank you in advance for your participation.

    Take care !

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