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    Noise Reduction: A Multi-Sited Field Study


    this is Gabriele de Seta - I dabble in field recordings and I have been commissioned a work for an extemporaneous exhibition that will be set up by an Italian art center.

    Instead of recording something myself, this time I decided to put together a work consisting in fragments of field recordings stitched together, with the aim of capturing the sound of quarantines & lockdowns around the world. More than a compilation, this will be a collage with no documentary or representational pretenses, and more of an opportunity to mash together recordings and offer a moment of togetherness to listeners.

    I'm sure many of you have noticed how sound fields around you have changed, with noises or silences being foregrounded or shifted by the pandemic. If you want to help me out, I'd love to include anything you might want to submit. Some guidelines:

    - 1 to 5 minutes
    - any audio format
    - any recording device & medium
    - no audio quality requirement, no editing / mastering needed
    - before 4/4/2020

    UPLOAD HERE, filename = credit:

    I'll credit all participants by the name they submit in the filename. Unfortunately there's no remuneration involved, but if this works out I'll share details.

    I hope this is of interest & doesn't go against Freesound policies. I've been suggested to post here on Twitter...


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    Hi Gabriele,

    This is very nice initiative and you'll find some sounds like these in Freesound already.
    I just moved this thread to "Sample requests" forum as it feels more appropriate.

    Also consider the option of asking people permission to also upload to Freesound or to do it themselves smile If you have all sounds here then you can create a sound to embed in one-click smile

    the freesound team
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    Hello Gabriele

    These are all my march 2020 corona related tracks*%5D&w=&s=Duration+%28short+first%29&advanced=1&a_description=1&g=

    These are my april 2020 corona related tracks*%5D&w=&s=Duration+%28short+first%29&advanced=1&a_description=1&g=

    All tracks have exact date/time/location description
    most have comment about the situation

    These are comparing location study's

    feel free to download what you need.

    have fun en success making the project.

    Stay safe.

    For more questions PM me


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    Hello Gabrielle,
    Here is a Quebec city soundscape I recorded during lockdown, april 25 2021

    My full name is Marlene Bordeleau.
    Hope this helps !

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    Hi Gabriele

    I have processed my deep fear of Corona, with a sound and picture collage in a youtube video on 21 MAR 2020.

    I know this is a bit off your guideline policies, the duration is 11min

    However, the focus was on the sounds and music, not on the produced video, as youtube is a platform for visual files, I always have to implement pictures or videos as background information.

    The music character changes from fatal horror scenario to salvation and happiness.

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