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    Female or male voice

    Hello! I'm working on my Internet radio, named "Plus Radio". I want to broadcast mostly electronic and pop music. It would be nice to have a few jingles, to make it sound more professional (even it is not).
    The radio is based in Germany, using the platform (meaning that all musical expenses are paid by the ads played on the radio, but I personally can't receive any money).

    If you are bored, you can even try to make sounds for the jingles (of course, it's absolutely not necessary).

    At best, the voice should be joyfully/positive and sound like fun.

    Scripts (you don't have to record all of them, if you don't want to):
    "Plus Radio!"
    "Back in time, on Plus Radio!"
    "Ambiental Night - Plus Radio" (chill voice)
    "Public Interest Message"
    "Podcast, on Plus Radio!"
    "Always new - Plus Radio!"

    Thank you for the attention!

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