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    need a grizzled old dock worker voice

    I have a few lines I need read in the form of a scruffy older dock worker.

    "you lookin' for somethin'?"

    "can I help you?"

    "the bays are gonna be locked down until next order. looks like you're gonna be here for a while."

    "No problem. The drones are just about done with the refueling so you should be good to go in a few minutes."

    "No , we don't carry those parts here."

    "yeah, we have those here."

    "Looks like you better head to DFS for re-coding. Dock authority won't let you launch without it."

    "Yeah no problem."

    "Have yourself a nice one."

    Feel free to play around with it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    for a video game?

    you got character names?

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    Vocals uploaded awaiting processing & moderation

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