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    A welcome message for a small shop


    We're a small off-license shop from the UK. Recently we've got this fancy door alarm, which allows for custom sounds to be played. We are looking for a nice, custom welcoming message. The simpler and shorter, the better. We're called Godiva Wines. Could someone record a short message saying "Hi, welcome to Godiva Wines" in friendly, warm voice, please? We'd really appreciate any recordings that would come our way. This community is something really amazing!

    Many thanks guys!

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    Hi! I just uploaded one file, it is waiting for moderation. It is a raw voice recording, if you like it I'll make it sound more appealing. It is very peaceful, something I would bear with if I were to listen to it many times a day. I tried calm semantics smile Please use and enjoy.

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    Here is a file, if you like my voice just use it smile

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