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    JAZZ chords (guitar, rhodes, piano, etc.) and bass (double bass, etc.)

    Hi all!

    It would be awesome if somebody could upload more of these. I'm trying to compose pop music inspired by r&b, hip-hop, soul etc., so it would be great to be able to cut and paste my own chord progressions.

    There aren't so loose samples on I think, though I have been able to cut some jams etc. into chords.


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    to begin with, it takes many samples to make a single instrument sound convincing and not horribly fake; so, when people commit themselves to sampling an instrument in depth, they often assemble them in a soundfont (sf2, sfz, nki) or incorporate them in a virtual instrument (vsti, au, lv2).

    Both of these, used in a DAW, would let you compose much more quickly than having to cut and paste samples to rebuild chord progressions.

    If you prefer to work with single samples anyway, this site has many orchestral samples, and the double bass also has the pizzicato samples you would use for jazz/pop:

    Another similar resource is:

    Should you decide to switch to soundfonts, get ready for the storm smile
    This article is just a very small list, compared to all that's available:

    Browse the net and you'll find tons more; you'll need the appropriate soundfont players depending on the soundfont format, or a DAW that can natively handle them. Sforzando is a great free choice for sfz, Kontakt and Kontakt Player are the only ones for nki.

    Another storm comes on the virtual instrument front smile
    Some of the many resources:

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    If you go to you can find lots and lots of free (and royalty free) loops in many different genres. Just search the loop category for jazz and it will give you a comprehensive list. You will then be able to preview the loops and then if you like one, you can download it. In order to download you will need to create an account.


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