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    [Request] Simple Voice Lines (Male + Female) For Video Game


    So I am working on a game and I would like to add a bit of extra life to it, by having the characters audibly "react".

    I'd like the following:
    ~ Greeting
    ~ Goodbye
    ~ Agreement / Disagreement / Confusion / Pensiveness / Excitement etc. in the form of "Hms", "Huhs" or alike, basically no words used, or if, very short ones (e.g. "What?")
    ~ Laughs, giggles, chuckles

    The characters available are all of mythological nature and you might even know some of them. Adding a few keywords to help with the "feel":
    ~ Aphrodite - seductive, flirty, romantic,
    ~ Artemis - independent, adventurous, prideful, boyish
    ~ Bastet - unpredictable, a bit of a diva, curious
    ~ Neith - wise, stickler for rules, protective, a tad mysterious
    ~ Sol - radiant, passionate, restless, a tad distraught

    ~ Apollo - charming, wise, truthful, energetic, overachiever
    ~ Baron Samedi - blunt, loves rum and cigars, lewd, easy-going
    ~ Chiron - selfless, teacher, humble, dignified, brave
    ~ Hercules - heroic, virtuous, strong, persistent, a bit prone to rage fits though

    Aside of these, I have 3 more NPC characters:
    ~ Nike - Goddess Of Victory; she might also need a few lines centered around combat (Fight!, Well done! Better luck next time)

    ~ Thoth - The Scribe; he might need a couple "librarian" lines (Here's your book!, Good choice!)
    ~ Merlin - He'll need a few shop keeper lines (How can I help you?, Come back again!, maybe a thanks?)
    ~ King Arthur - You probably know him happy

    Obviously, you can make the lines I need "your own", meaning they don't have to be exactly the same as what I wrote down, as long as the meaning is the same.

    Anyone can submit, as long as the quality is good and there is no crackling, noises, pop sounds etc.. That is extremely important, please!

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    give me a few days & I'll have something for you

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    Hai! happy
    Which one were you interested in, as some have been taken (bold ones are still free).

    Though, I did add one new one (King Arthur) to my sheet just today. So he would be available too.

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    Try it here as well, if you need more voices

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