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    An old, tired voice - (With Reward)

    Hi everyone,
    I am currently looking for a voice actor for a line regarding a trailer to my new game which will be listed on the online games platform, Steam.
    The line is a mid to long sigh followed by the line "Let me tell you a story" in an tired old mans voice.
    The line can be done in an English or German accent and possibly American although I can not guarantee it will make it into final production.

    The incentive:
    A full page of credit linking the users social media handle, name and/or freesound username before the games title sequence, a brief mention in the end of the trailer and a full thank you in the credits sequence in the game.

    I am hard at work at finishing the project so there is a deadline of around 5 days or so.

    If you want to directly email me your voice clip then please do so at

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Can I do it? I have been voice acting for two years and I want to strengthen my career in Freesound.
    I have a good mic setup so my recordings are high quality. I am sure I will get your request in by today!

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    if You're still looking for a voice actor , just let me know what you want to have said.
    I can do an old man's voice rather easy

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    what about it? Did you get what you wanted? If the deadline has been canceled let us know.

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