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    Hi all!

    I’m the creator and writer of “InstaGod” - InstaGod takes all of the organic elements of podcasting and creates an amalgamation of improvisation, audio drama, real-time mockumentary dialogue, philosophical existentialism, and tries to answer the questions humanity has pondered since the beginning of time. We have a strong executive production team, record label backing and, although we were only signed for a five/episode limited series, we received word that we’ve been given the green light to do two seasons, ten-episodes each. The podcast EXPLODED after the second part of the pilot was released last night. In fact, we had to change hosting in order to accommodate the influx of downloads and listeners. Although there’s not yet a revenue stream, we do have future opportunities for royalties. Our social media influencers have set up our Instagram and are in the process of doing the rest of social media. No one expected it to grow so fast. is the greatest place on earth. There are some extremely talented folks on this site and it’s a shame that their magnificent acting prowess tumbles to page fifty if they don’t upload regularly. The InstaGod team wants to change that. We don’t want professional actors - we want raw talent with great equipment to improvise a scene and offer the snow what it needs.


    As I’ve mentioned before, the show is surpassing all expectations, but at the moment we can offer promotion/advertising to your other work and, as soon as our revenue stream begins to build with our sponsors and Patreon page, we may begin looking at a royalty percentage based on your activity on the show. Most would only do one or two short lines per week. We would be a team. There’s executive producers and a record label, yes, but I’m still the show runner and sole production company with complete ownership over the intellectual and licensed property.

    If you wish to partake in this adventure of a lifetime, kindly message me here or send an email to with an audio clip of your voice. American, French and British accents will receive priority attention.

    Thanking you in advance!


    Dr. Renier Palland

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    What exactly do u need?

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