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    Intro Title for Podcast

    Hi all!

    I just want to say thank you for this amazing sound and music library. I am astounded by the generosity and beauty of some of these pieces. However, I do have a tiny request. I have been signed by a Podcast label and need to produce high quality content, which is working thus far. There is one piece missing though... I have a South African accent, so when I announce the title of my show, I sound like a drunken Trevor Noah.

    The show is called “InstaGod”.

    I need someone with an American accent, preferably deep and with a slight vibratory to merely say, “This (pause) is InstaGod - a true crime, real-time investigation docupod about a strange app that might change the fate of the universe forever.”

    And also, “Episode 1” to “Episode 10”.

    I’ll credit the voice artist and I’ll share ad revenue royalties. Kindly inform me if you’re interested ASAP.


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    Hey there.

    I can help you with this

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