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    Need a female English speaker who can say these lines for free...

    I need a female voice to record these short lines if anyone is willing enough to do it for free. I would really appreciate it... It doesn't need to be so professional just have to be a female English speaker. Thank you.

    I will

    I will stand by your side, hunt at your back, and fly within your Soul.
    I will stand between you and all which would harm you.
    I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh.
    I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.
    I take you as my husband, And you take me as your wife.

    I give you this ring
    As a symbol of our linked hearts
    And the covenant of undying faithfulness
    Which we make today and seal with our vows.

    I am delighted that you found the time to join us today as we celebrate our love. Being surrounded by you all has made such a difference to us and we have been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing our special day with us. A wedding can happen anywhere and at any time, but it can only be a true celebration when all the people you love are there to share it with you. You have made our day all that more special.

    I will give credits after by putting your name to this project. Thanks.

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