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    Looking for two male voices for Animatic

    Hello, I am looking for two male speakers who can voice me a few sentences in English. One person has only one sentence and the other has 9 short sentences. All in all little effort.

    First of all it's about an animatic to a short film that I will shoot about "Giantess". Since this is regarded as a "fetish", I would like to point this out! The animatic will then be published on Youtube/Vimeo without monitarization.

    The whole project is only a hobby project of me and a few colleagues, so unfortunately I can't pay for it.

    These are the lines:


    "who cares CARL..."


    "OMG! Just Look at Tessa shoes!"

    "She's just trying to hide her small height with those slutty boots."

    "Hey little lady!"

    "have you finished the papers I brought you?"

    "Oh, and do you have time for dinner tonight?"

    "By the way pretty outfit"

    "Well, shit..."

    "Oh my god Tessa, you're huge!"

    "No Tessa, it's Me Carl."

    If you are interested, please feel free to send me an email:


    I will send the comic of the Animatic by mail.

    Best regards,

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