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    How to remake a song with Ableton... Read below...

    Hello everybody...

    I'm looking for suggestions, cause I have to do a work based on this track - -

    You can listening to it and then give me yours suggestions! I need to know how to remake this song using Ableton so, what effects and what plugin are involved? Thank you all!!! Help smile))

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    I don't use ableton, but Reason.

    The bass drum mostly seems synthesized. The effects used are pretty standard (any stock plugins within ableton should be able to recreate those).

    Here on freesound,
    For the bass drum, search for "synth bass drum".
    For the hats, search "metal" or "hat" or versions thereof.
    For that screeching sound, just search "screech".
    Other useful terms would be "industrial", "impact", "construction", "metal", "noise", "drill", "grind", "concrete", etc.

    In terms of effects, most of the sounds are using a delay/echo machine. Some of the delays are set to "ping pong" delay (a mode that is pretty standard on all delay plugins).

    Reverb has been applied to taste and some distortion here and there.

    Not much else going on.

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