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    I need an internal eating sound (how you hear it) for a health project

    I am searching for a sound that sounds like my own eating from the inside.
    Maybe there is already a suitable sample on the website, but my listening capabilities are very limited.

    I was also thinking about equalizing an existing sound to include more deep sounds. I am not sure if it would work.

    I want the sound of cooked foods, like vegetables, potatoes, meat.

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    I'm not quite sure if you mean that you're unable to hear a sound at all or are simply unable to search or express (to the freesound search engine) what sounds you need.
    The search term "eating" brings up a lot of fantastic results. To make them sound like how you yourself would hear it, cut down on the high frequencies, raise the lows (part of the reason why our sound always sounds bassier to ourselves, but thinner when we record ourselves using a mic).

    Are you able to do any of this yourself?
    1) Searching for eating sounds
    2) Finding the ones that you want
    3) Equalizing them to make them sound more "internal"

    I don't mean it in a belittling way, I really want to know if you're able to do any of the above or if you have the tools. If not, let me know which (and it's perfectly fine if you aren't able to do any of them), and I'll help you get the sound you need.

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