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    Space battle radio chatter for a game

    Hi all!

    I am working on an indie Virtual Reality space shooter game called LineWarsVR. There are many space battles in the game with dogfights between fleets of ships, and to make the battles feel more alive I would like to include a lot of radio chatter by several different voices. I hope some of you members here would be willing to donate your voices to my game. I am hoping to get my game released by the end of this year, so there is no big rush for you to send your contribution immediately. The voice clips can be dry or already sounding like walkie talkie radio, whichever you like. I will process the dry samples myself as needed.

    Many of the sentences should contain a callsign (marked as [CALLSIGN] in the sentence).
    The possible callsigns are:
    - "Cobra 1" .. "Cobra 9" (that is, "Cobra One", "Cobra Two", ..., "Cobra Nine")
    - "Pirate 1" .. "Pirate 9" (similarly, "Pirate One", ... "Pirate Nine")
    - "Cruiser 1" .. "Cruiser 5" (likewise)

    1) Warning messages for friendly fire (several voices, male and female, any accent is OK):
    - "Watch it, [CALLSIGN]!"
    - "Check your fire, [CALLSIGN]!"
    - "Get out of my way, [CALLSIGN]!"

    2) Encouragement (several voices, male and female, any accent is OK):
    - "Good shooting, [CALLSIGN]!"
    - "Nice kill, [CALLSIGN]!"

    3) More generic battle chatter (lots of different male and female voices):
    - "Got him!"
    - "I've taken heavy damage!"
    - "I'm hit!"
    - "Help, I can't shake him!"
    - "Clear my six!"

    4) Space station traffic controller (preferably female voice, no Cruiser callsigns used here):
    - "[CALLSIGN] has launched!"
    - "Keep the station entrance clear, [CALLSIGN]"
    - "Good hunting, [CALLSIGN]!"

    5) Cruiser weapons officer to Cruiser captain (one or two voices should be enough):
    - "PDCs getting low on ammo" (PDC = Point Defence Cannon)
    - "PDCs out of ammo!"
    - "Incoming missile!"
    - "Brace for impact!"
    - "Front shields are down!"
    - "Aft shields are down!"

    6) Cruiser chief engineer to Captain (a couple of different voices needed, male with a Scottish accent would be superb):
    - "We have a hull breach!"
    - "Shield generator is offline!"
    - "Main gun damaged!"
    - "The missile launcher has jammed!"
    - "We've lost all communications!"

    Thank you in advance!

    Patrick Aalto

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