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    I can record sounds for your indie game or short movie

    So generally it's those who need sounds create threads here, let's make an exception. You tell me what kind of sound you are after and if it's within my power and skills, I'll record it for you. Of course it will be done for free and you can do anything you want with it (including commercial).

    I'm generally experienced in ambient recordings in the field. But I can still record decent foley if you ask.

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    I'd be interested. I'm developing an app (a game for schoolchildren) right now and I'd still need some sounds. For the game I'd either need some correct and wrong sounds (when solving the problem or choosing a wrong answer) or something more difficult, for example the sound of snowflake landing in snow (I imagine it like a soft step on snow or something similiar). If you're interested I can give you more details about it smile Are you experienced in atmospheric background music? That's also still missing grin (I don't want to ask to much of you!)

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