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    Old Factory Coming to Life

    Imagine this:

    The nukes have fallen, the world is in flames, but you survived. You wonder the world in search of others. You come across and large metal hatch in the ground. You open it and enter, using your flashlight to light your way in the dark. You come to a small room with dirty glass all along one wall, panels, monitors, computer terminals and the line line that same wall under the windows. You clean off one of the dirty windows and peer through but your meager flashlight doesn't illuminate anything. One of the monitors is on with a single line of green text.

    "Activate Facility?" it says, and the cursor blinks next to two options; yes and no.

    You click yes, the terminal shuts down instantly and for several minutes you assume nothing will happen.

    Suddenly, from past the windows, you hear a very loud and metallic thump that reverberates through your very core. Another, and another, getting faster come through the dark, suddenly a loud machine that can only be described as a large engine starts up, slowly at first but picking up speed quickly. This engine is the main generator of the facility, powering the many other engines and generators to start until everything is on and running.

    After what seems like minutes the engine stop their startup sequence and quiet down into a low, steady hum. Power slowly starts returning to the facility, as if it doesn't want to wake up, lights flick on in the small room, computers and terminals start to hum and click to life. Past the dirty windows you see row after row of lights slowly flick on. At first nothing is illuminated but then you see it, a soft red glow many stories down out the window, getting brighter and followed by many. The light shows what appears to be an ancient factory, abandoned for decades even before the bombs fell. A cacophony of machines start one by one, all humming and whirring and adding to the overall sound. The sound of a factory starting up for the first time since the dawn of the world, thousands of miles of machines, as old as the earth itself starting, humming, making sounds no human should feasibly hear in their lifetime, all culminating into a cacophony of sound so loud it threatens to tear you apart at a molecular level.

    Until it starts to quiet down, settling slowly into a low and calming thrumming sound that you can barely hear or feel but you can tell it's there, like the world has finally awoken and is ready for its first command.

    That first monitor, only just now turning back on in front of you, shows one more command:
    Start over?

    Now this little intro can be seen as the beginning of a story, or just how I would go about describing the sound I want. The World Machine. That's the sound I want. The machine that recreates the world from scratch whenever humanity ruins itself. I know it's a lot to ask, and I'm not expecting or really hoping for too much here, mostly I kinda just wanted to type that out to see if it would sound good outside of my head, and maybe eventually write a book, story, video, or game based on just those few paragraphs.

    Thank you in advance for reading through all of this, or skipping to the end like I know a few of you will. It truly was the only way I could describe this sound.

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    I totally heard it all in my head. Cool!

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