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    Huge old factory place

    It's kinda hard to describe, but just imagine this:

    It's the end of the world, well, its already ended, and you are exploring. You come across an enormous underground facility of some sort, spanning miles in every directing including down. You happen upon an ancient and very large lever, it used to be red but age has rusted off most of the paint (adding ambiance just roll with it). You pull the lever, and after a few moments, from deep below you, you start to hear the facility start back to life. The noise starts soft, like a low humming, but gradually adds in volume as more and more things turn on in turn. Banging, screeching, whining, whirring, all the sounds combine into a cacophony of sound and just as it's about to get unbearably loud it starts to soften into a steady, low thrum that reverberates gently throughout the walls and floors.

    Now of course this whole thing is up to interpretation, but I like to imagine it like in the Metro game where you go to the big place with the spiral elevator thing and you turn the place on. Kinda like that but more pronounced, you know? More "absolute" for lack of a better word.
    I'm not nearly talented enough to make this kind of thing on my own so any help or direction would be appreciated.

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