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    City - and castle seige

    I have a theatre show that I am looking for sound effects for. (basically its part of a theatre show set in the 1291 fall of Acre)

    This is all a medieval setting - in the year 1291, so tanks and guns arent an option.

    The sounds I am looking for are background soundscapes for the scene

    * general fighting and panicking people in the city
    * inside a stone building hearing fighting outside and on the walls
    * Casle walls collapsing and people crushed inside (screams etc)

    Anything, even sounds that we can remix/ loop etc, would be absolutely awesome.

    We would be ever so grateful for any sounds you have that may fit the bill, with print credit in theatre programmes offered (and video of final theatre show this summer as well, with credit).

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    I happen to have a Vast collection of sound fx that will fit quite nicely for what you're doing. If you can send me your email address I can send the files directly to you as some of the sound fx are from paid sources & I don't want to break any rules here at Freesound.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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