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    .give me space

    .give me space

    is an interactive installation which researches human intimacy and sexuality through sound.
    it tries to research and document human voice as a trigger to genuine bonding, closeness or as a repellent.

    following the link below you can upload a short sound which you think best describes intimacy.
    the focus is on sexuality and/or other expressions of intimacy.
    the sounds you upload could be of:

    any kind of sexual interaction, masturbation, talking, breathing, kissing etc.
    please, only upload the sounds which you recorded personally and which are excluding of any music or other external sounds.
    the upload link is completely anonymous and the files are uploaded to a secure cloud to which I only have the access.
    please name the files according to the activity you recorded followed by random letters and numbers such as:
    masturbation_83gfiyu2b, sex_378bgu3.
    collected sounds will be cut up and processed in different ways.

    premiere: Conservatorium van Amsterdam room 803
    May 11 - 18:00
    May 12 - 12:00

    upload link:

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