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    MALE/FEMALE voice for Charity

    Need a male or female voice talking about adolescence.

    ' Adolescence,a time of physical and mental growth,a time of awakening. a time of self-discovering, a time, of change.

    studies have shown that during this period, between 10-19yrs of age, a person is expected to experience certain changes that may lead to future complications if not properly handled .With threatening social vices, peer pressure, and wide spread of social media reach we call it the drawing board.

    join TODAY FOR TOMORROW FOUNDATION to guide, teach and mentor adolescents
    join TFT to create a better tomorrow starting for tomorrow, lets build it

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    Hi Shugah,
    I had a go at doing that, but for the second half my mic kind of went weird so there's like a slight echo, or something? I can't fix that...sorry. I think it could be still usable, depends on whether you like that effect or not.
    Anyway, here you go:
    You'll be able to download it after moderation. smile

    "Here's to the fools who dream..."

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