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    working On a Big Gta V movie. Have Some requests for Voice actors.

    Currently developing a big movie full with action, drama and love.There will be more than 8 major actors. It is almost a 2 hr movie but don't worry first it will be released in 7-8 Episode and after the completion a The episodes will be joined together and published. So, I have few questions :
    1) I am just a teenager so I am really worried if I will get any volunteers or I need to do payment. Credits will be given not only In video description but also in the movie itself.
    2) I wanted to say that I want my dear voice actors to join me up in Discord server which will help me to make more interaction and help develop the movie. So will I get good voice actors here without any payment but don't worry once I start receiving donations or any funds I will be paying all at that time?!

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    What are your availability times in discord? For me it would be the evening in germany (GMT+1). Please leave your discord-invitation in my inbox.

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