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    Looking for a narrator for a horror trailer

    I am currently looking for a narrator to provide me with a few lines for a horror movie trailer.
    Editing competition going on, really need some lines to string the story together.
    THE THING IS! The deadline for the submission is on wednesday (November 1st) so a tight schedule is definitely a thing. Quick replies are super appreciated!

    A woman is going insane after a mysterious event that she is not able to talk to anyone about. Her sibling watches her get worse and worse and is determined to find out what truly happened.

    These lines can be said by a male or female.

    Lines (talking):
    "I love my sister, I always have."

    "We grew up together, we grew up so fast"

    "I must have missed something, because recently... she's been acting so... strange"

    "Something's happened to her, and I wanna find out what"

    "She talks to herself, and we worry about her, we all worry a lot."

    Lines (CALLING OUT a name):

    Lines (whisper):
    They are coming

    Please get in touch with me in PM or via my email

    Thanks a lot!

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    sorry too late for me. Do you still need the sounds?

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