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    Looking for female spoken word

    Working on an 80s modernwave song entitled Ember. I need a spoken word portion for the outro of the track. Not overacted, but spoken with feeling. Think of it as a line delivered in an 80s movie.
    Can be improved, but words should be something along the lines of:

    "The dim shards of our hearts don't allow us to really love anymore. We are nothing but dying embers, afraid to embrace. Afraid to hold. These fading emotions, these lost ideas, need to be revived and brought back to a roaring flame. We need to learn to love again."

    Credit will be provided.

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    Hello DT.

    I recorded 2 samples for you of your script. They can be found in my "requests" pack as soon as the mod approves them here:

    Give me feedback, I'm a n00b.

    Send me a message if you need female vocals or accordion FX.
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    Dear dreamtraveler,

    I have listened to the spoken words from the samples made by Mousepatrol. I'd like to ask if I may use the words in a remix of a hardstyle track I'm making.
    Thanks to Mousepatrol's sample, I was able to experiment with her vocal part and learned how to make vocals sound professional in a mix. However, I accidentally noticed that the words she spoke also fit nicely with the story I want to tell with the remix. It contains a powerful philosophical message that currently captured the hearts of several fans of my music.
    This can be considered a remix of an original and I hope that's alright with you.
    I have spoken with Mousepatrol and she said I should also ask you.

    Kind regards,


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