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    Picture the scene: Paul, our amiable shipping director, has a list of products that have to be shipped to an important client. He has to wander around the warehouse scanning boxes with a barcode scanner then checking to see if they're available to be sent. It's all very time consuming.

    So I have written a helper for him. He scans the box. The helper looks the box up and sees if it's already been promised to a supplier, or if it's the wrong shape, or if the order's full. If none of those things apply then it adds it to the order.

    This is four sounds, three failures and one success:

    1. Fail - The order does not require this unit.
    2. Fail - This unit has already been assigned to an order
    3. Fail - This order is full
    4. Success - This unit has been added to the order.

    Can you sound people recommend sounds for this?


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