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    Okay, eventually someone is going to invent a program,
    where you type in lyrics,
    and then they are
    sung back.

    I don't mean "text-to-song." I don't want any instruments drowning out someone's singing.

    I want 100% vocals, without instruments, and I want to be able to
    Just type them in, and have a voice sing, NOT SPEAK, them back to me.

    Eventually, someone is going to invent it.

    I have checked the entire internet, and no one has, yet. smile

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    EastWest's 'Symphonic Choirs' has a 'WordBuilder' plugin that lets you type in the phonetics for each syllable which the voices will then sing on each MIDI note. It's a bit fiddly and very tricky to get to sound like true words. Though if you only need the choir to sing nonsense that sounds like real words, it's pretty successful!

    There is also 'VocalWriter' for Macs (not sure if this is still available) which can sing English lyrics in a very computer-esque fashion. See this for an example:

    There're probably some others out there that I don't know of.

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    What about the Japanese with their vocaloid? Of course you'll always have to program the notes unless you want it to make up it's own for you, sort of like this
    of course it's not tts, but your own voice, but I'm surprised noone's done that too.
    Another one you have to know how to program the notes for, but has been singing for decades is the DecTalk synthesizer.

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    Another alternative:

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