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    another guy asking for a Vocal Tag

    Ayy, I make beats. You know. The usual.

    My name online is PizWiz. I really need a dope tag. I got some ideas, but if you got anything clever then please go wild. Your idea is probably better than mine.

    My ideas:

    "Dude, did you hear PizWiz made this shit?" "Who the fuck is that?"

    "Is that my boy PizWiz?"

    "Mah boi Piz gotchu"

    Also, I don't wanna be a bum, so if you make me a tag I can hook you up with some music or something. pshh idk

    Here are some SoundCloud links, just so you know what your working with:

    Oh yeah, and you'll be properly credited booii!

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    Hey Piz,

    Im uploading some stuff currently for you to check out. If you like it, or want something more specific send me a message.



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