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    AG Matchbox Shaker (NKI set for NI Kontakt sampler)

    AG Matchbox Shaker (NKI set for NI Kontakt sampler)

    Watch on YouTube:

    presents the Alex Glavchuk’s Matchbox Shaker NKI set.

    Performed and recorded by famous kazakhstanian drummer Alex Glavchuk in Solo-mono-Hits Studio, Almaty with use of high quality recording equipment.
    An idea to produce a convenient matchbox shaker was flying nearby almost a year, but free time has finally arrived, and Alex decided to realize his idea into a virtual instrument for most esteemed Kontakt sampler from world famous company Native Instruments.
    He recorded about fifty tracks with the matchbox shaker and then chose the best samples to create patches for NKI virtual matchbox shaker. In the end, ten patches were made.
    Each patch consists of 49 basic one-layer samples located by the left side on the keyboard. On the right side of the keyboard we placed two-keys multi-layer matchbox shaker consisting of the same samples that are used in the left part of the keyboard but the two-keys multi-layer matchbox shaker has 127 velocity layers, that can be very comfortable for playing in certain situations.

    Also the AG Matchbox Shaker has on its front panel the following controls:

    1. Attack
    2. Decay
    3. Sustain
    4. Release
    5. Four-band equalizer
    6. On/Off switch button for EQ
    7. Chorus switch button
    8. Phaser switch button
    9. Stereo Spread switch button
    10. Delay switch button
    11. Reverb switch button
    12. Depth control knob for Chorus
    13. Speed control knob for Chorus
    14. Mix control knob for Chorus
    15. Depth control knob for Phaser
    16. Feedback control knob for Phaser
    17. Mix control knob for Phaser
    18. Spread control knob for Stereo Modeler
    19. Panorama control knob for Stereo Modeler
    20. Mix control knob for Stereo Modeler
    21. Time (synced) control knob for Delay
    22. Time (free) control knob for Delay
    23. Feedback control knob for Delay
    24. Mix control knob for Delay

    The Alex Glavchuk’s Matchbox Shaker NKI set has 10 patches,
    each patch in turn has three variations within itself.

    Also this set includes a pack of MIDI tracks for your quick start
    with it. Number of MIDI files is 50 pieces. For speedy choosing
    a desired rhythmic pattern you can scroll through the presets
    in the media explorer of your DAW, or just import multiple
    MIDI files from the AG Matchbox Shaker 50 MIDI folder onto
    a track of AG Matchbox Shaker and then listen to them and
    choose the appropriate rhythmic pattern, which, of course, you can modify at their discretion.

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