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    Medieval sounds/voices/ambients


    My name is Ray and I'm working on an open-source project called "Minecolonies".
    We are developing a minecraft modification which adds medieval villages to your game.
    We are quite popular and have over 660.000 downloads.

    We get some money from Patreon which we use to pay server, website, domain etc.
    From that we are able to pay you up to 100$ for the following sounds:

    We are searching for someone to produce certain types of ambient sounds and voices for us.

    What we need:

    Ambient sound blacksmith, stonemason, baker, cook, tavern, construction worker, townhall, miner, lumberjack, crafter, fisherman, guardTower, farmer (with and without animals).

    + We need voices for the following workers:

    - Jobless
    - Guards
    - Construction worker
    - Lumberjack
    - Miner
    - Farmer
    - Guard (Archer and Swordman)
    - Blacksmith/Stonemason/Crafter
    - Cook/Baker

    We already have some sounds for the Fisherman as an example:

    If you are interested in contributing to our great project and community just contact me here.
    So that I can invite you to our development chatroom and basecamp.

    Also, if you have any additional ideas of sounds we may add feel free to tell us.

    Thanks already for taking your time here.

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